Wages are dropping in china!

Chinese banknote

As we are performing audits all the year long and we are always analyzing the results, we often perceive the new trends in factories ahead of fully confirmed study. China is especially interesting for that as factories are changing quickly. Reading trends is then even more fascinating. One of the …

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Where does social stand in CSR?

Ink cartridge

I started recently a discussion on CSR (Corporate Social responsibility). With this very simple question—Give us the first 2 or 3 words that comes to your mind when hearing of CSR—the very complexity of the concept has been gathered. Each participant has focused on his own concern. We found social …

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Audit and Ethic, inconstent criteria.

Checking of knitted garments

It is important to remember social auditing is a sensitive and not mature topic. Working conditions seen as “normal” differ from one country to another, from one time to another. Some are arguing against that and think there are international criteria and standards as well as local laws and “normal” …

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Tracking the chemicals down.

Gluing spot

These last months, medias have talked of products’ safety. Component of garments and shoes are once again checked. So deeply checked that it is no more the kind of the fiber, but the traces of chemicals coming from the dyeing process. In 2007, many companies had focused on these chemicals …

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