WethicA’s network.

Some of WethicA's auditors

Some of WethicA’s auditors

Although WethicA has salaried staff, it is also organized as a network. This allows us a greater proximity to both the location and the culture of the area we work with which is very important to the relevance of our services.  This network is based on the sharing of a common approach:

Our goal is to promote  improvements in the supply chains.

  • We share the value of gathering actual information instead of focusing on records only.
  • We assess supply chain and compare with comparable situations only.
  • We focus on a local action included in a global approach.
  • We keep the context at the center of all our actions.
  • We promote achievable solutions.
  • We refuse dissimulation.


Our auditors’ network covers many countries. In dark color, the countries where we have an auditor, in light color, other countries where we have already been.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a specific location.



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