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Training session in Bangladesh

Training session in Bangladesh

As we say in most pages of this website WethicA is originating and is design to promote improvement in the social conditions in the supply chain. Obviously, training is one important tool for such improvement approach.

In any supply chain there are many persons involved. As they are all linked together, actions and decision of one impact the others. It is well known on quality were mistake of one will impact the goods until delivery and usage. But it is also true on a social point of view. If the workers in a factory are aware of their rights, they are more likely to be respected. If a buyer take the working conditions into account while placing an order, it is more likely to be good. If the manager of a company is aware of his customer requirements and the legal regulations, he is more likely to find the good balance.

Thus, our improvement approach impose us to do training for every kind of person in the supply chain. Obviously it wont be the same training for every body, but it is always designed to increase awareness to promote the CSR principle: Think globally, Act locally.

Then, we are working on the worker level on workers right awareness which is always a good approach as it spread the information farther than the factory alone.

We are working with the factory management on both the legal awareness and the customer requirements, but we also have more technical approach on some topics as Health and Saftey or wages calculation. It is often good to have a group of factories working together on these topics. Some brands indeed group their suppliers within an improvement program of almost one year. You can read more about it here.

We are working on the buyers/brands on increasing their awareness on actual working conditions in developing countries, but also on a practical way on how to read an audit report, how to understand ranking, how to handle corrective action plan, or even how to have “better eyes” while visiting a factory.

As we want our operation to be as effective as possible, most our training are specifically designed. So, please feel free to contact us to get a discussion with us.

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