Improvement programs

Problems in chemical handling

Problems in chemical handling

Continuous improvement on the supply chain is actually our goal. We prove that through our strategic decision on the assessments or auditing approaches.

Thus we work as well with buyers and factories, or with factories on behalf of their customers. We also work on very different levels. We can act as a consultant on very specific programs. But we can also work on much simpler corrective action plan follow up programs. As we actually have an improvement oriented approach, even our Corrective Action Plan follow up programs have a consulting part. We have a hot-line so the factories can ask us questions and then understand better the found gaps and bring better answers/improvements.

There are also many requests on another program: “Further than an audit.” It is designed to be an interface between the customers expectations and the factory abilities. Frequently, once a factory is audited (by us or another auditing company) there is an action plan (often called corrective action plan). Our experience shows there are several difficulties using such plans:

  • Some actions are more urgent than others.
  • Some actions are not achievable with a reasonable deadline, as they are indeed referring to gaps widely found in the country.
  • Some actions are not understood by factories
  • Some gaps actually requires deeper and more complex actions than the plan shows.

We are then working with both the customer to define the emergencies and the list of reasonable expectations, and with the factory to explain the gaps and to provide the necessary advice to allow pertinent actions. We are then finishing this process by a review in the factory to ensure actions are indeed implemented and efficient on the long term. To keep this interface role, we inform the customer on a regular basis on the improvements achieved. But of course, each case can be specific and indeed we have some factories asking by themselves for such program.

In this single example, we show that we take the local situation, specific factors of the factory or the customer into account in our improvement programs too. It is used from the beginning to clarify the situation and define achievable goals. However, this is only one example. Contact us to have your own program.

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