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Production of Neck cushionWethicA is working on social compliance since more than 10 years in China. That basically means we are going to factories to check on the working conditions (to avoid child labor, dangerous working conditions, too low wages…). For 10 years we have helped our customers optimize the social level of their suppliers by selecting and improving the factories on their working conditions.

Our approach is unusual as we focus on improvement instead of compliance. With the dramatic changes achieved in the past 10 years while some brands still focus on having a compliance paper, we are confident our approach is the right solution (you can read our newsletter for more details or more recently here).

As you are living in China, you may want to participate in improving the working conditions in China. It is a process that must involve the brands as they are the one shifting the market. So, by leading more brands using an improvement approach instead of focusing on documents only, we will lead more factories to care for their workers. You could be involved in that, first by your own contact and knowledge of brands of your countries, and secondly through your own knowledge of China and of the cultural gap with your own culture.

I would be glad to meet you to discuss that matter and how we could make it effective.

Please contact me at pierig.vezin@wethica.com

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