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Production of Neck cushion

WethicA is working in social audits since more than 10 years (social audit means basically going in factories to check on working conditions, working time, child labor…).

Our approach is based on local situation and risk management.

  • Local situation because each country has different practices and you can’t forget the cultural situation. It is considered as normal to spit in the street in Shanghai. I won’t recommend trying that in Frankfurt.
  • Risk management because it is much more efficient and allow a better continuous improvement approach with the factories.*

I now intend to provide this service to brands in countries I am not working much with yet. I feel brands from Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands … could be interested in such approach as it is pragmatic and focusing on efficiency. An important part of the job is to explain the results to the customers in a way they can understand clearly. And, here again, the cultural approach is important, so having a partner from Germany, Swiss … could be an important strength. Moreover, it could obviously be a continuation of a consulting approach on building a sustainable supply chain. So, as a consultant, you could provide this explanations to your customers and thus makes your advice more detailed while keeping involved with your customers on a longer term.

I would be glad to discuss it with you. Please contact me at pierig.vezin@wethica.com


* Most of social audits are actually done with compliance and documentary approach. It leads to a lot of dissimulation and then is counter productive. We prefer to focus on workers as it seems obvious a social audit should take workers opinion and feedback as a key point. We have discussed the consequences of compliance only approach in many articles including these:

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