Social washing.

A fashion bag in the metro

Greenwashing is well-known and widely found. So common actually, that it is sometimes mistaken as true commitment. We can wonder, in the picture above recently taken in the metro, if they were aware of the claim. This bag, telling fashion shouldn’t go to waste. Willingness to do greenwashing here is …

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Praise of complexity.

This month I am talking of an article released by The Guardian: “Life and death in Apple’s forbidden city.” This article describes the working conditions and the life of workers in one of the Foxconn units producing iPhones and others. It shows situation both usual and aberrant. Usual because when …

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Fashionable words.

An assembly unit

Fashion is everywhere, even in vocabulary. It’s fun. But as fashion is also a picture of the society, it is also informative. “Post-truth” and “Disruptive” have been the words of the year 2016. Many companies have tried to bring disruptive changes in their products or processes. But it is obviously not …

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One year through pictures.

This is the time of the year when traditionally people are looking back and making yearly review. This year we have decided to share on an aesthetic point of view too, as some pictures we take during audits are sometimes not only informative but nice too. We have also put …

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Are overtime hours really free?

A polishing unit

In many countries, the average working time is actually quite higher than the legal working time. Overtime hours are frequent and often made on quite a regular basis. It is the case of Morocco where overtime hours are made almost every Friday evening. It is also the case of China …

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A look on the forced labor.

Modern workshop in China

This winter has seen several media reporting on slaves used by boats of fisheries in south Asia. Fortunately such cases are not frequently found in more industrial supply chains. Unfortunately, we meet nonetheless forced labor situations in many different locations. IlO has indeed set one more step to fight the …

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