An audit is not a game.

Individual dishes in front of a canteen

Our summer posting disclosed pictures along with comments revealing why our auditors had taken them, highlighting the importance of taking a wide-angle lens approach in not overlooking any detail in an audit. WethicA’s auditors also encountered poor auditing practices previously implemented by other companies and auditing agencies. To address this …

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About the roots of working conditions.

Workers in Bangladesh

Economic success of China and Korea previously inspired many governments in developing countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh… The understanding of the implemented policy and of their roots help us to better understand the only partial success of social accountability approaches in those countries. Working conditions are definitely still harsh in …

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Sustainability in Time of Crisis

An empty workshop

The economic crisis of late last year shocked the world leaving no industry or country unscathed in its ripple effect. As a key actor on the responsible actions*, we obviously fretted about the consequences and waited for the worst to be over to state an opinion. Accurately, it was too …

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Techno-goods and working conditions.

Working on electronic goods

One NGO, cited in the media, recently released the results of a study on the working conditions in a keyboard factory producing for all the major computers brands (see article: The issues are not surprising: over 80 working hours a week, wages below the legal minimum, workers exploited under …

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The audit impact.

Computer assisted cutting

The real impact on labour conditions from conducting social audits in factories is key to the nature of our work. Even if the audit is to only gather information and not to act on improving factory practices, the audit request from a buyer itself should not be ignored. It still has an …

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Unemployment in China.

toys production

Numerous international media outlets have been reporting on the significant rise of unemployment in China, especially the mingong- migrant workers- find themselves after the Chinese New Year holidays laid off and without any job prospects . This makes it seem the unemployment surge was tied to the timing of the …

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Reasons for hope in 2009.

This time of year is typically when greetings are sent out with wishes for a new and better year. Along with our heartfelt wishes, we at WethicA are sending along solid and positive news of hope in our CSR outlook for 2009. Happy new year! Why you may ask are …

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