Is there universal social minima?

Inflatable goods factory

Recently, during a discussion, one of the speakers claims: “There must be universal rules and they must be implemented”. We won’t focus on the relevance of such comment. However, we will try to list the attempts for universal rules I have quickly named “Universal Social Minima”. The first obvious candidate …

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Shifts in supply chains.

A workshop in Bangladesh

The supply chains in low cost countries have greatly changed in the last years. China was overwhelming in 2010. Since, some of its neighbors have taken market shares. Vietnam and Bangladesh first, Cambodia more recently, became important players especially in the garment business. These changes have had direct impacts on …

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We should add lines in questionnaires!

Screw driver

Since the catastrophe of the Rana Plaza (cf. Last month newsletter), several audit questionnaires are updated. There was usually not a specific question to know if added storey have been built since the building approval by authorities. Some found it obvious to add a new line in the audit questionnaire …

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