One year through pictures.

This is the time of the year when traditionally people are looking back and making yearly review.

This year we have decided to share on an aesthetic point of view too, as some pictures we take during audits are sometimes not only informative but nice too. We have also put the workers as selection criteria as paradoxically they are so frequently forgotten during audits focusing on compliance and equipment while not on assessing workers situation.

The whole team of WethicA hopes this selection of 12 pictures will give you good ideas for the coming 12 months and we wish you all a good time for the coming year.

Two jobs at once. Producing weaved goods, while keeping an eye on the goats.

Three women in a Chinese aluminum factory.

A Moroccan working in a garment factory.

Packing your next beach towel.

An Indian carpenter in Dubai.

Chinese workers in a toy factory.

A Vietnamese worker while sorting pencils.

Making brushes in Mauritius.

A Chinese worker we have unfortunately disturbed during an audit.

Men making brushes in India.

A bottle unit in Korea

Filling bottles in Korea.

A bottle unit in Korea.

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