One year through pictures.

This is the time of the year when traditionally people are looking back and making yearly review. This year we have decided to share on an aesthetic point of view too, as some pictures we take during audits are sometimes not only informative but nice too. We have also put …

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Are overtime hours really free?

A polishing unit

In many countries, the average working time is actually quite higher than the legal working time. Overtime hours are frequent and often made on quite a regular basis. It is the case of Morocco where overtime hours are made almost every Friday evening. It is also the case of China …

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Hall of shame.

I am upset. I probably shouldn’t as it is not being upset that will change anything, but I am upset anyway. Yesterday I worked on an audit report of a SA 8000 certified company. It was a very clean factory that looks very safe. But about 90% of the job positions …

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A look on the forced labor.

Modern workshop in China

This winter has seen several media reporting on slaves used by boats of fisheries in south Asia. Fortunately such cases are not frequently found in more industrial supply chains. Unfortunately, we meet nonetheless forced labor situations in many different locations. IlO has indeed set one more step to fight the …

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What do we do of hard facts?

Handcraft workers

Audits results are not always positive, and that sometimes lead to difficult relations between customers and suppliers. One obvious strategy for the factory is to deny the non-compliance. Often the factories request for physical evidence of non-compliance. It is especially sensitive points as some topics can’t be easily identified with …

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Origin or consequence?

A worker polishing glass

Among the hundreds of audits we perform each year, the ones of China (and some other production countries) show a quasi-constant situation. The factory prepares the audit to hide information one way or the other. It could be fake records or the coaching of workers to lie to the auditors. …

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How deep is the supply-chain?

There is a frequent question among the supply-chain manager I am meeting. Should we audit the tier two factories, or even more? Or should we say, should we audit the suppliers of my suppliers? First we must consider the partial separation between the accountability tier and the production one. Indeed, …

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Some projections for 2016.

2016 is still quite new and the Chinese year of the Monkey is still to come. We are then at a time of greeting and analysis, but also a time of projections. It is obviously a difficult exercise and many too detailed previsions will be proven wrong. Still, let’s try …

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