Are written evidences a necessity?

A gnome factory

Preparing a speech, I had to think to the impact of culture for international procurement and especially responsible sourcing. Even if my purpose was to explain the situation commonly found in China, I thought better and took the auditor job globally. Culture of a country, of an area, influences all …

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Recurrent topics.

Shiny paper machine

Recently, during a discussion on a social media about this newsletter, one pointed out I was often repeating myself as some topics were back every 18 months or 2 years one way or the other. He was right. I often write on the pertinence of audit questionnaires very (too) detailed …

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Labor laws, ethic and migration.

Sewing line in Turkey, 2015

The disaster currently happening in Mediterranean sea with hundreds of migrants dying should lead us to a more global approach on migration. Last month, we talked of hiring agency in south east asia especially and their consequences. This month, Syrian refugee in Turkey are the start of our reflexion. Since …

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The global labor market.

Recruitment ad in Philippines

This month picture has been taken in Philippines in February 2015. It is typical of the global approach as for labor market. It is a labor agency ad for employment in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. There are requests for qualified jobs as for medical staff in Singapore or unqualified …

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