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Greige fabric

Greige fabric

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China factory. A china unit in ChinaThe raw material is prepared for production.

Do you have only big structured factories in your supply chain or also smaller less formal ones?

Is it always worse for workers to work in a less formal company?

Wastes handling.
A printing house in China, a yarn/fabric mill in IndiaThere are always wastes in industrial processes. Is wastes management only an environmental topic, or should the working conditions while handling them be taken into account too?

Should we also take into account the related image risk although it is not connected with social audit?

Polishing in China and IndiaPolishing is a frequent process. It is dangerous because of the noise and the dusts.

Are all personal protective equipment equivalents?

Are every rooms and polishing equipment equivalents in term of workers’ health?

Unhealthy drinking point.
Drinking bottel as chemical can.
Two factories in ChinaThe Millennium Development Goals of the UN include access to drinking water.

However, insalubrious drinking points are still frequent. Beverage bottles are still used to contain chemical despite the obvious risks of confusion.
Should we bring awareness to factories only or should we focus on workers?

Worker on boxes. A cut and sew factory in Morocco.The days are usually long in factories. Basic equipments as chair should be adequate which is not always the case.

However, I can’t help myself to see this comment as a positive one. Few years back, we wouldn’t have made this kind of comment as it would have been lost among much more critical issues. It is clearly the sign of the improvement done since this time we can do this comment.



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