This summer pictures

Greige fabric

For this first newsletter of the year, I have decided to share few pictures with you. They have been taken this summer during audits in China, India and Morocco. There are not much connections between them, but they all show quite usual situations. Thus they can help us to ask …

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We build the supply chain.

Metal process

This month, I’d like to study the global impact of some local practices. Recently, two examples lead me to this topic. First, the especially strong article on the workers in American prisons (here). Several times, the article refers to unfair competitive advantage that prison labor creates. The supply chains using …

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Is there universal social minima?

Inflatable goods factory

Recently, during a discussion, one of the speakers claims: “There must be universal rules and they must be implemented”. We won’t focus on the relevance of such comment. However, we will try to list the attempts for universal rules I have quickly named “Universal Social Minima”. The first obvious candidate …

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