ISO26000: New standard, new discussions.

A capture of a webpage

The ISO 26000 (Social responsibility) has been released on November 1st. Since, many discussions started on forums. What is the ISO 26000? It is a standard on sustainability (referring to economical, social and environmental topics in a unified system). This standard is peculiar. First it intends to be “universal”. That …

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Suggestions for suggestion boxes.

Suggestion box

I read recently an audit report of a Chinese factory. It said: “The suggestion box is available as per requirements. It is not much used because of limitation due to Chinese are not mature enough to use suggestion box on topics related to work and working conditions only, but use …

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Deluding pictures

Two different production units

These two pictures have been taken in May 2010, few hundred kilometers one from the other. In the two cases, it is about industrial production of several thousands pieces. In the first one, the workers are in a well lit and ventilated. They sit on chairs and work on a …

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With a dormitory or not?

Dormitories and shantytown

We have often talked on the limitation of a monolithic approach in the management of suppliers’ social level. This kind of approach is however still widely used, as it seems so attractively simple: we have defined criteria and our suppliers have to comply. Even without pointing out the impossibility to …

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Missing workers.

Tiger paper cut

As usual after Chinese New year restarting in factories is a little difficult. Most of factories hire mainly migrant workers (Mingong) for low added value job. These workers are mainly coming from inner rural provinces of china. They commute each year to the eastern province more industrialized where they would …

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Safety in factories.

Warning sign

As photographs are usually more informative than long texts,  we decided to release a few related to safety in factories. Similar to the previous time, we included comments with the pictures to point out risks or good practices. The recent fire in the Garig&Garig factory in Bangladesh is an unfortunate …

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A good new labor year.


Every month we write on working conditions in factories. Unfortunately, not always for the best. We have decided to wish you a happy new year 2010 by going back to the fondemental: the people and their work. Thus here it is, Chinese workers pictures! Peace, concentration and pride of the …

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