A long training to give time for implementation

The context:

  • A customer strongly established in a country.
  • A customer with regular suppliers.
  • An improvement approach.


  • The design of a training running on 9 months to allow factories to implement solutions step by step.
  • Setting up of a factory group.
  • Training of the group of factories on the bases 1 day, 1 topic per month.
  • Factories follow up to answers the needs when factories request it.


  • Factories trained on criteria, their roots and implications.
  • Concrete answers samples to requirements.
  • Samples of perpetuate solutions.
  • Factories having implemented their own social aspect management policy.

This training as also been used as a basis for improvement program of groups of factories including individual on-site consulting.

Testimonial :

bcFrom Pierre SCHMITZ,
Quality & Social Compliance Manager – International Purchaser

WethicA training is very efficient because its contents refers constantly to all common topics that need to be improved by any factory if they want to comply with any kind of social compliance standard as it deals with: Management practice and documentation, Health & Social, OHS, Working time, Compensation,…

WethicA’s training programme is very flexible as we can ask them to adapt their program to the specificity of our own environment like, kind of suppliers, stress on BSCI system.

WethicA’s programme pushes each participant to be active during the training session and also once back in their own factory as at the end of the training session they decide individually with the trainer what they will implement in their factory based on what was presented during the day. Next month’s session will start by a round table and individually each Senior Social Compliance will expose his achievements or/and his failures and the reasons for both cases.



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