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the CSR in the supply chain

One of the key points of the CSR is the global integration of impacts.
Most of corporate use suppliers. This supplier has itself employees who work to produce the order. The social impact of this job is thus link to the buying company. So the corporate social responsibility is embedded with the full supply chain, as well for positive aspects than the negatives ones.

Let’s take an example about dangerous working conditions. A western company orders furniture in an Asian factory not-equipped with safety devices. One of the workers cut his hand during the production. He lose his job as he can’t work any more moreover of loosing his hand. His family becomes in highly precarious situation. Even if we can’t say the order is the root of this family situation, the buyer can’t say either it has non responsibility at all.

A supply chain is complex and sometimes long to the raw materials. So it is difficult to review all the impacts. Several approaches exist for the review. WethicA® is able to manage most of them. Do not hesitate to contact us to know more.

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